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Monday Spot (26 June 2006)

Our Sunday meetings this week were led by Tracy (leader of KAOS) in the morning and Major Kathy in the evening, beginning a series on ‘scripture that inspires song’.

Tracy (Small)1.jpg Tracy Kathy (Small)1.jpg Major Kathy

The morning meeting featured our Junior Soldiers.Junior Soldiers’ Day of Renewal’ takes place once a year when we concentrate on our young people and the decisions they have made to follow Jesus. Their leader, Iris Wells, is pictured below together with two of our youngsters each of whom sang solos during the meeting (very beautifully too, we give thanks to God for such talenetd young people). The remaining picture shows some of the children kneeling in dedication at the cross as they renew their vows as Junior Soldiers.

Iris (Small).jpg Steph & Emily(Small).jpg JS Day of Renewal 009 (Small).jpg

We were also pleased to see visitors in our meeting. Former Bandmaster Bill Andrews joined us for the morning. Older readers will remember that Bill was Bandmaster during the fourties, fifties and early sixties and he is still looking good, even if a little frailer now. Also visiting were some of the Mums from the Parent & Toddler groups who have said they will come approximately once a month to support Verna, their leader, who has begun her chemotherapy this week. Here are pictures of Bill and Verna, who is talking with her ‘girls’ prior to the meeting commencing.

Bill Andrews (Small).jpg Verna & Mums (Small).jpg

In the evening Major Kathy used Phillipians 2:5-11 as her Scripture and linked it with Song 451 in The Salvation Army song book.

O that in me the mind of Christ
A fixed abiding place may find
That I may know the will of God
And live in Him for lost mankind

During the meeting the Band featured an arrangement of Anna Waring’s song which begins ‘In heavenly love abiding, no change my heart shall fear’ and the Songsters sang ‘With all my heart I want to love you Lord’. The message of the meeting centered around the theme that ‘our attitudes should be the same as those of Jesus’. A real challenge, don’t you think?

Kathy (Small)1.jpg

Major Kathy Woodhouse

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