"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Monday Spot (11 September 2006)

The world wide fellowship of Christian people is remarkable. Imagine our surprise early last week when we received a telephone call from a lady, Dorothy, who lives in New Zealand. Dorothy attends the Wellington City Salvation Army corps where our elder son and his family also worship. She is currently in the UK enjoying a few weeks holiday and, knowing that our son’s mum is currently receiving chemotherapy treatment for cancer, felt that she should come to visit us whilst here. We had never knowingly met Dorothy before last Thursday and are so delighted that she took time out from her holiday to see us, not just for the enjoyment and encouragement that we gained from the visit but also because she understands how our New Zealand family are feeling and will be able to minister to them, through reassurance, on her return home. As you can see, she also made a new friend!

Dorothy Ross (Small).jpg Dorothy with new friend Orlando (Ollie)

This reminds us of the words of Jesus in Matthew 25: 40 ‘whatever you did…….you did for me’. On this day of remembrance for 9/11 we regret the actions of those who clearly did not act for God.

Our morning meeting this week-end linked with this thought through the expression that ‘God’s Word is Central’.

Drew (Small).jpg Major Drew

Major Drew led the meeting and began with scripture from Philippians 2: 6-11. Prayers were offered for the ‘Christianity for Life‘ course which starts this week under the leadership of Ray Maycock and Jean Jones and two new Songsters were ‘commissioned’, Kevin Abott and Peter Cole.

Ray 001 (Small)1.jpg Ray     Jean (Small).jpg Jean

Pete Cole (Small).jpg Peter Kevin (Small).jpg Kevin

Further scripture used was from 2 Timothy 3: 10-17 and Major Drew spoke about the centrality of scripture to the Christian faith. ‘We are called to fulfil the promises of scripture, to be like Christ’ Songs used included Nos 357 and 757 from The Salvation Army Song Book and 1066 from Songs of Fellowship

Kathy (Small).jpg Major Kathy

Our evening worship, led by Major Kathy, was the beginning of a series entitled ‘Lessons in Evangelism from the Early Church’ centering on the thought that our ‘task should be to cut holes in the darkness’. Two scripture readings were used, Isaiah 49: 5-6 and Acts 16: 6-15. Songs used included Nos 824, 825 and 700 from The Salvation Army Song Book and 742 from Songs of Fellowship. We closed with the Benediction ‘Give to Jesus glory, proclaim redemption’s wondrous plan and give to Jesus glory’.