"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Calling Out

A compassionate and compelling guide to evangelism

Seven sessions to gain confidence in sharing your faith

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Join a small group to look at issues such as:

Why do we need to share our faith?

What is the message we have to share?

Why do most of us find it so hard to do?

How do we answer all of those hard questions?

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Our Bible Study Team – Majors Beverley and Kathy with Nigel

Mondays @ 1.00 pm or Wednesdays @ 8.00 pm

Starts Monday 6th or Wednesday 8th November.

‘Never buy a cure for baldness from a man with no hair’. And if you are planning to study evangelism don’t make the equivalent mistake. J John lives and breathes evangelism, and as a result this study is based on a quarter of a century of distilled and hard-earned experience. (Steve Chalke)

The venue is The Salvation Army Hall in Church Street, Chatham (see map below)

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If you want to know more about our Bible Study programme please contact us