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NHS Carol Service

NHS Cathedral 001 (Small).jpg A representative group

The Salvation Army has, for a number of years, had an involvement in the Carol Service held in Rochester Cathedral by the Voluntary Services Unit of the Medway National Health Service Primary Care Trust.

Both the Band and the Songsters have participated in past years and this year the Band once again provided music and accompanied the singing of Christmas Carols (on this occasion conducted by Deputy Bandmaster Nigel Lockwood). The event took place yesterday (6 December). A number of seasonal items were provided amongst which was a toe-tapping favourite ‘Christmas Joy’.

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The other musical group performing was the choir of Rochester Grammar School for Girls (or rather choirs as there were two of them). Salvationist involvement was again evident here as the choirs were conducted by Carolynn Woodman (our Singing Company Leader) and accompanied at the piano by Kate Boughton (one of our Bible Study group leaders). Emma Davis (a songster) also sang in the senior choir. The whole school choir sang ‘The Holly and the Ivy’ and ‘Christmas isn’t Christmas (till it hapens in your heart)’ and the NChant (senior chamber choir) sang ‘The Infant King’ and ‘Angels’ Carol’. The clear and resonant acoustics of the building added much to what was truly beautiful singing.

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One of the scripture readings (Matthew 2:1-12) was brought by our own Mike Gibbs

The photos below show Kate (seated) and Carolynn, Mike, Emma and Nigel.

NHS Cathedral 025 (Small).jpg NHS Cathedral 022 (Small).jpg Emma (Small).jpg NigLock (Small).jpg
If you would like to join us for any of our Christmas worship click here to read the programme. Alternatively you are welcome to contact us

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  1. There will be many readers of our website who have noticed the regular contributions to our ‘comments’ boxes of Peter Wood. Peter is a Chatham salvationist who has developed a very detailed knowledge of the history of our corps and is responsible for recording much of the information contained in our history pages. We are grateful to Peter for his continued interest and support. We are also especially grateful to all who use the comments facility and would be very happy to receive more!

  2. The band and songsters first attended this happy event in 2001, as a result of a suggestion made by my daughter Kim, who at the time was employed to interview and vet potential NHS Volunteers.
    Encouraged by me, then Band Secretary, we were happy to be part of the event and were immediately ‘booked’ for the next year. This has now become an annual event. Playing and singing in such a wonderful building, to an enthusiastic and near capacity congregation is something special. Reverend Lynda Cooke, Head of Chaplaincy, who trained as a Salvation Army Officer with her husband Melvyn before entering church ministry, organised and spoke at the service.