"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Monday Spot (5 February 2007)

In four weeks time Salvationists throughout the UK will take part in Self Denial, the name given to the time when we support financially the Army’s work in the poorer countries of the world.

4FebMorning 004 (Small).jpg Major Kathy introducing ‘Self Denial’

In our morning meeting this week we were introduced to the theme for this year’s appeal.

The meeting was the first of a new series where we are to look at ‘A Reversal of Values’ and took as its scripture base the occasion when Jesus was visiting the Pharisee’s house as recorded in Luke 14:1-14. In her time with the children Major Kathy demonstrated how those whose task is small receive no more reward than those who are given much to do by rewarding all with just one sweet (candy if you live in the USA) whether your task was to pick up a coat or, metaphorically speaking, wallpaper the whole house! Songs used included 479 and 466 from The Salvation Army Song Book and 441, 742 and 1184 from Songs of Fellowship. In her message she reminded us of a ‘great and mighty God’ and said that, in Jesus’ day, the behaviour of the people led to the focus of his teaching (as demonstrated in our scripture). Speaking of humility she said ‘God did not save you to be a sensation but to be a servant. We will be judged by what we have done for no earhly reward’.

The Singing Company (Bless all the children) and Songsters (Without You) added musical contributions which were helpful, the Songster piece being a first performance.

4FebMorning 002 (Small).jpg Singing Company

4FebMorning 005 (Small).jpg Songsters

In the evening Major Kathy was again our leaderand we continued with our series of ‘New Years Resolutions for the Church’. The theme this week was ‘let us use our gifts’. Our scripture was Romans 12:1-8 and we were also referred to Ephesians 4:1-6;11-13 and 16.

Kathy 002 (Small).jpg Major Kathy

Band and Songsters made musical contributions which were a little out of the ordinary for a Sunday evening, the band bringing ‘Simple Gifts’ (an arrangement of ‘Lord of the Dance’) and the songsters ‘Christ Calls’. Later in the week we hope to publish a song from our songsters in the audio features section.

4FebEvening 001 (Small).jpg Accompanying the singing

Four voluntary testimonies were received and the songs used included 707, 114, 52 and 482 from the Salvation Army Song Book and 544 from Songs of Fellowship. In her message Major Kathy asked the question why do we see so many gifted people doing nothing when there is so much to be done? Spiritual gifts are given by God not to build up the recipient but for thebgreater good of the church.

Before our final song we used the chorus

Teach me how to love Thee
Teach me how to pray
Teach me how to serve Thee
Better day by day

A prayer of humility, don’t you think?