"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Monday Spot (10 September 2007)

A very exciting week as regular readers will have noticed. Two new babies have been announced, Jessica Aurora, the daughter of Kylie Heath (nee Westwood) and Samuel Matthew, the son of Kate and Chris Boughton. And an exciting week-end too. Your editor has taken a few days break, which accounts for the late publication of this news item, and we have to thank other correspondents for the information regarding Sunday’s meetings which is published here.

Our meetings this week were, in fact, arranged by our Discipleship Purpose Group. The morning meeting was led by the group leader, Nigel Day and assistant Ray Maycock..

Nigel (Small).jpg Nigel Ray 02 (Small)1.jpg Ray

The meeting explored the character of the apostles and used Psalm 1 and 2 Peter 1:1-11 as its scriptural basis. Songs used were 685 and 567 from The Salvation Army Song Book together with 362 and 120 from Songs of Fellowship. Rachel Mills was presented with a ‘Christianity for Life’ candle (a new course starts this coming Wednesday) and this was followed by testimony from John (her husband) who spoke about the effect of the course on his spiritual development. He said Actually I think I talk to God more now than I talk to Rachel.

Musical ministry was given by the Singing Company, Songsters and Band who brought ‘Hand me down my silver trumpet’, ‘He loved me so’ and ‘Move in my life’ respectively.

The message was given in the form of a discussion between Nigel and Ray about the books they were reading. Ray focussed on a book about the disciple Peter and his character following with a call to discipleship because God wants us “warts an’ all”.

The evening meeting took a very different form to the usual being based on a cafe style church. Worship was led by a group who provided music and praise in two spots in the programme. The evening included a quiz and Cheryl Clarkson was presented with a ‘Christianity for Life’ candle for completeing the last course.

The Songsters provided a musical ministry, singing ‘Become aware of Him’ and Major Beverley McCombe led a period of Bible Study using Acts 4:32-35 and 6:1-7. Questions were posed comparing those biblical times with today’s world and our own actions.

Beverley 002 (Small).jpg Major Beverley

We would like to conclude by suggesting that readers should look at the comments received this week, particularly for baby Samuel (see ‘Update’ below). Those who know the family circumstances will be particularly thrilled at this time with the news of the birth.

So, our thanks go once again to those who have helped in this week’s publication. Join us again next Monday for ‘more of the corps’. Have a good week.