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A furore seems to have developed over Royal Mail’s policy regarding this year’s Christmas stamps.

archdher.jpg Archdeacon Trevor Jones

We are pleased to publish the views of The Venerable Trevor Jones, Archdeacon of Hertford, who says:

Royal Mail has traditionally alternated between sacred and secular designs for their Christmas stamps and this year it is the turn for a religious image. Royal Mail has issued two sets of designs this year. The main set of designs, available in all the main denominations is of angels, which is vaguely Christian but not explicitly so and certainly not specifically Christmassy. They have also issued a ‘Madonna and Child’ design for first and second class only. Post Office staff have been instructed only to sell this design if people specifically request it, but obviously people can’t request it if they don’t know it exists! If people don’t buy these stamps, Royal Mail will claim there is no demand for religious Christmas stamps and not produce them in future. Please therefore ask for ‘Madonna and Child’ stamps when you do your Christmas posting and also tell your friends, contacts etc. to do the same. Thank You.

If true we would challenge this policy. Come on Royal Mail, you may be in a disastrous financial position but do not insult Christians in order to effect cost savings! Jesus Christ is the centre of Christmas whatever ‘political correctness’ might suggest and the stamps bearing His image should be offered to ALL your customers. If there are some who are offended by all means offer an alternative, but JESUS must be the first choice.