"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Agenda for Worship

Greg Davis, leader of our Worship Purpose Group, invites all who are able and interested to attend a meeting of the group next Monday evening (14 January) at 8.00pm at the Hall. Click on ‘read the rest of’ to find the Agenda.

greg-004-small-medium.jpg Greg Davis

Agenda for Monday 14th January 2008. 8pm at the hall.

Item 1. Prayer Diary- Ideas and Supervision.

Item 2. Pre-meeting music and timing – meeting planning and prior notice.

Item 3. Corps Musical.

Item 4. Skills audit – re: poetry and artistic skills.

Item 5. “Bringing Scripture Alive” – Drama, Dance, Poetry, etc.

Item 6. “Concert of Holiness” – Worship plans for meetings.

Any other business.

Please contact us with any matters you would like discussed