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Two Best Men

We have recently received an interesting anecdote which we are happy to share with readers.

stuart-nigel-medium.jpg Stuart Hall & Nigel Lockwood

Our reporter says:

On the last weekend of November 2007, The International Staff Band visited Colchester for the weekend. Not only was it a return to a corps at which our Bandmaster, Carl Woodman, first learned to play a brass instrument, it also turned out to be a meeting of ‘Two Best Men’.

Staurt Hall is corps Bandmaster at Maidenhead and a former member of The International Staff Band. Stuart had been providing ‘cover’ for the ISB trombone section during the autumn due to various work commitments of the two regular tenor trombone players. Nigel Lockwood, our own Deputy Bandmaster and Young Peoples Band Leader, was asked to assist the ISB for the weekend in Colchester as regular bass trombonist Gordon Camsey was indisposed due to keyhole surgery. Not only are Stuart and Nigel former Guards bandsmen (Grenadiers and Welsh respectively) they each carried out ‘best man’ duties at the other’s wedding, just a matter of two weeks apart, 29 years ago.

The above picture, taken in Colchester, shows Stuart and Nigel resplendent in ISB red tunics shortly before the Sunday afternoon concert.

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One response to “Two Best Men”

  1. 29 years later and we still had that “trombone” humour and mischief that only our friends would know about and recognise. Great to have you as a friend Nigel.