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Joyful Dance

Monday evening Ladies Fellowship was a flurry of skirts, dancing boots and smiling faces when Fran and her Line Dancing ladies came for the evening.

After a few demonstration dances everyone was encouraged to join in and have a go. This resulted in some hilarity when some people got their left and right feet mixed up (mentioning no names) and the music went much faster than we expected.

Some ladies didn’t join in the dancing but had a happy time watching everyone else. As Fran said ‘This is good exercise for all ages (one of her group is 83 years of age) and keeps the brain active as well.’ Verna led the epilogue at the end of the evening and mentioned how people in the Bible danced to celebrate, including David with his ephod studded with jewels. We thanked the Lord for His goodness.

Here are some photographs of the evening.

One response to “Joyful Dance”

  1. The line dancing was good because me and mum and Helen went and we found it fun. It was really good and thank you for letting us come.