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Words of Life – next edition

We would like to notify readers that the May-August 2008 edition of ‘Words of Life’ is now on sale from Salvationist Publishing and Supplies Ltd and Christian bookshops.

Retired General John Gowans took over early last year from Major Barbara Sampson (New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga) as the writer of ‘Words of Life’.

Users of previous editions will by now be familiar with the General’s unique style of writing and will be eager to continue with this form of daily meditation which has become The Salvation Army’s biggest selling book of daily readings and comment.

General Gowans brings to this publication the insight and perception of one of the Army’s great preachers and poets. Before entering retirement in 2002 he gave a lifetime of service as a Salvation Army officer in varied leadership appointments in the UK, France, USA and Australia before being elected as General. In retirement he lives with his wife, Gisele, in Rochester and worships regularly with us at Chatham.

johngowans-small-medium.jpg General John Gowans (retired)

The publisher of ‘Words of Life’ is Hodder & Stoughton and copies will be available from Salvationist Publishing and Supplies Ltd. or from your local High Street book store.

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