"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Contagious Christianity Success

The Contagious Christianity course has been a great success.  It’s a hard hitting, direct, pressured, no holds barred course on how to bring the Good News about Jesus Christ to the world – wherever that may be!  The course was run over a one week period, consisting of three two and half hour sessions.  When you get to the end you know that you have been in something special!
As the whole thing of evangelism started with one man (Jesus) and twelve Contagious Christians (the disciples) – twelve seemed to be the correct number!  Twelve people came on the course from some of the youngest souls (16yrs) to those who have been on the road a little longer (60+ years).  But the outcome was the same.   We all learned that we all have a style of evangelism and  we all have a story to tell about how Jesus has affected our lives.  One candidate said this, “The most  scary  part!  Learning how to tell your story and the Gospel in a clear and  succinct  way…”.
We hope to be running more of these courses in the very near future – indeed, we have already got six names for the next one!  Come and learn that you too have a story to tell; a style of evangelism that God can use to make a difference to  someone’s  eternity!