"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Just Desserts

This month’s Ladies Fellowship meeting was especially for those with a love of food, just desserts. Anna Beeching, and her mother, came with a selection of recipes which could be cooked in a microwave oven or prepared easily.

Around twenty ladies looked on as Anna prepared Lemon-topped Shortbread Fan biscuits, Chocolate Pudding and Victoria Sponge. She also prepared a cold dessert, Raspberry Amber, consisting of fromage frais, fresh raspberries and melted dark brown sugar – delicious!

All these were tasted in turn. Anna prepared them calmly and competently and the ladies were surprised at what could be done in a short time in a simple microwave oven. It was not a good evening for those on a diet as the desserts were too lovely to resist.

Anna’s mother presented an epilogue based on the story of Jesus feeding the four thousand. She picked out the words of Jesus to the disciples ‘How many loaves have you got?’ and related this to the gifts we all have and can use for the benefit of others.

This was a very interesting evening but for those on the washing up rota, Cheryle, Gisele and Irene, there were more dishes than usual but all done with a smile.