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Murder Mystery Evening

A successful Murder, Mystery evening was held last Saturday, 21st February.     Here is a report by Sue and Peter Willard who were, coincidentally, part of the winning team ‘Tunbury Cops’.

The Murder Mystery Event organised by the fellowship group on Saturday (21st) was great fun.

A small group of people was chosen to act out a short play and set the scene. One of them would turn out to be the victim, and one the murderer. But which one? That was for us to decide in our teams.

We were given a pack of varied clues: a torn up bank withdrawal slip, a map of the underground, a note from a jotter, a few flakes of paint, and a map of the school where the murder had taken place.

Then followed an hour or so of lively discussion as each team tried to decipher the clues, work out how they all fitted into the story, and decide whodunit!

Jo (Inspector Jagers), who led the evening, was available to answer questions as they arose – but wasn t giving too much away. She also interviewed the suspects but they didn t give us much help either!

An excellent ploughman s meal was provided, with ice cream to follow, and the evening was judged to be a great success.

Fun, food and fellowship for all, a chance to invite new friends into the Citadel, and certificates for Tunbury Cops , the winning team (see picture).

Thanks must go to everyone who organised such an enjoyable evening.

Some photos of the three teams who came first, second and third and general view.

Winning team ‘Tunbury Cops’ 2nd team

3rd team

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  1. A great evening. Excellently organised. Thanks to Sam, Kate and Fiona.