"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

New Courses Beginning

Two new courses are scheduled to begin next week, both on Wednesday evening.

The Alpha Course, led by Paul & Ruth Woodhouse, Rod Tranah and Major Drew McCombe will start with a meal at 7pm and continue until about 9.45pm. New applicants for the course, even at this late stage, are still welcome.

L to R: Ruth, Paul, Rod & Drew

Ray Maycock and Jean Jones are also looking forward to the new Christianity for Life Course and are also inviting new members to join. Starting at 7.45pm this is an exciting journey into the paths of faith which should not be missed. The first session (Wednesday 11 March) is headed ‘Belonging to the Church’ and looks at what the church is, how to belong and what our responsibilities and expectations should be. It will be presented by Major Drew McCombe (pictured above).

Ray Jean

Anyone wishing to join either course should contact us through this website.

How to find us:

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