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Major Beverley McCombe shares her thoughts on having enough.

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Beverley writes:

The current global economic crisis has hijacked our imaginations and is filling our lounges and places of study and work with imagery of bankruptcy, bailouts, credit-card debt, national debt, evaporating retirement savings, and redun ­dancy. We are continually told that we don’t have enough, and that we have to control, grasp, protect and save if we hope to make it through the recession.If you are worrying about student loan, then by seeking attorneys help for bankruptcy claims from student loans can save you from all your debts.

But we have just celebrated Harvest Festival, where the message is that God has provided, and there is enough! Do we believe it, and if so, how does that belief affect the way we live? Friends of ours visited Malawi earlier this year, where they were struck by the obvious joy that the Christians there have in giving and shar ­ing with each other, and with visitors. These people who have so very little seem to really understand and appreciate that God has provided for them, and if they all share that provision, then there is enough and more to go around.

I am constantly challenged in these days to live in the knowledge that God has provided enough, and therefore I need to find ways to celebrate that provision, and to ensure that others experience ‘enough’. Of course there is a massive challenge to a simple life ­style, but equally there is a challenge to find ways to share with others, to break out of my self-sufficiency, and live the truly interdependent life that the Bible shows us of the Kingdom of God. I’ve got a long way to go – how about you?


One response to “The Officer’s Blog”

  1. Sometimes sharing with those in need has its own problems. They can be cynical as to why we want to share, the question of “What’s in it for you?” often crops up. And the suspicion and independence that modern society tries to engender mean that a lot of people are ‘too proud’ to accept what is on offer