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Monday Spot (15 February 2010)

The snow has been falling again but not enough to distract us from our activities at the Corps.   During the week the Ladies Fellowship met for their Quiz Evening and enjoyed a lively evening of fellowship.     Sorry there are no photographs – the deputy web editor forgot her camera in the excitement of getting to the quiz.     She deserved her place in the bottom team.

The meetings on Sunday were again led by Cadets Jennifer and David Gosling.

The GoslingsDavid and Jennifer Gosling

We’ve been blessed greatly by their ministry and to-day was no exception.

This week is half term and there is a new YP activity taking place on the Shipwright’s Estate in Chatham in conjunction with the Endeavour Foyer.     For three mornings this week there will be a Kidz Klub for children aged between 8 – 12yrs.     A fun-packed three days including craft, games, worship and Bible teaching.     The leadership team for this event – Tracy (YPSM), Vanessa, Martin, Gina and Val with two friends from the Endeavour Foyer.

This is one of the three outreach activities planned by KAOS for the under 16’s – all starting in the next two months.     The other two are:

  • the KAOS Football Club, starting on 7 March, for 8 – 13 yr olds and will run every Sunday afternoon under the leadership team of Paul, Kirk, Adam and Martin.
  • Prayer and Praise.   Starting on 26 February and running on a monthly basis.   It is for children aged 7 – 16 yrs at 7pm – 8.15pm.   Supported by the Worship Band, these evenings are designed to be lively, fun and a great way to share fellowship with the children of Medway.     The leadership team includes Tracy, Vanessa, Julie, Paula and David.

Your prayerful support is requested for these new ventures.

Thank you for logging onto our website.     We’d love to hear from you if you have any comments to make.     In the meantime, enjoy your week and don’t eat too many pancakes on Tuesday.

If you live near to us and would like to join with us you would be most welcome. Our hall is in Church Street and is easily found (see the maps below). We are always on the lookout for new faces and yours could be one of them.

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