"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Monday Spot (22 February 2010)

On Saturday evening a divisional youth film night was held in the Chatham SA with representative numbers from surrounding Corps.     A report of this evening will be posted later.   The meetings on Sunday were led by Majors Drew and Beverley McCombe.     The evening meeting was a joint one with Emmaus church when their minister, Brian Adams preached the sermon.

Drew & Beverley 003 (Medium)Majors Drew and Beverley McCombe

Brian AdamsRev. Brian Adams

Major Drew led the morning meeting with songs chosen to support the theme of the morning meeting ‘Knowing God and being known’.   They included : SA 12, SOF40, SOF1067, SA862, SOF646 and SA10.

A video of Psalm 139 gave illustration to these scriptures and were most appropriate as the dedication of   baby Robert Christie, son of Claire and Robert Christie, was conducted by Major Drew McCombe.

Robert's dedication 1 Robert Christie's dedication 3 Feb 21 2010 006 (Medium)

Robert and Claire Christie with baby Robert and his three godparents.

The Singing Company sang a special dedication song for Robert entitled ‘This tiny baby’ .     This was also a special day for four Junior Soldiers who were enrolled by Major Drew.   The Songsters sang as their ministry ‘Shine on Us’.

New Junior Soldiers Jamie, Jo, Laura and Kayley 4 Junior Soldiers with Kate

Jamie, Jo, Laura and Kayley with Kate Boughton, Junior Soldier’s Sergeant.

Major Drew’s message was based on Psalm 139 which, he said, was a psalm with the power to soothe us, to ground us and help us celebrate the memorable, relentless love of God.     The verses express the thoughts of the psalmist who reminds us that God knows us personally and is interested in us intimately.   If we are not in touch with Him then He pursues us.     Even when we have done wrong and are ashamed of this and want to hide it from Him, we should let God deal with it – because we can trust Him.     The psalmist even rants against God but this is OK because God understands.     Jesus from the cross said that even though you may kill me, you cannot stop me being what I am.   The God who made you, loves you and understands you.

Major Beverley led the evening meeting and the songs chosen to support the theme of ‘Christ is Glorified’ were   SOF480, SOF27, SOF419, SOF89, SA98 and SOF1346.     The scripture used was Colossians 1: 24-27.   Psalm 42: 1-5a and John 17: 1-5.

Music ministry was by the Band who contributed a new arrangement as flugelhorn solo ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ and the Songsters who sang ‘When we cannot see our way’.

In his message, Rev. Brian Adams said that the prayer was to God for Jesus himself.     This, of all times, is the time.   Jesus knew what He had come to do and when He had to do it.     There was a purpose, that ‘your Son may glorify you’.   He gave us a pattern by obedience.     The plan is coming together.     What was the plan?   John 3:16.     There was a gift – of eternal life.     Jesus took it for granted that He would go through with the work given to Him to do.     There was no doubt – He was saying to them ‘I am God’ – I came from the Father and will return to Him.

In the same way, there is a time, a purpose and a gift for us.   We need to respond to this glorification of Jesus.     We need to remind ourselves that we have eternal life by faith – through God’s sacrifice on the cross.     If we ask God to help us and be with us we have the gift of eternal life, we have a purpose in life:   eternity with Him and the need to tell others.   There is a time.   Perhaps now is the time to say yes, I really want to go your way.     In Lent it’s not just a time for giving up, it’s taking up a challenge and is the time for change.

It was good to have our friends from Emmaus church with us again and we look forward to sharing worship with them at Emmaus on 18th April at 6.30pm.

We are looking forward to another busy week at the Corps with the commencement of the next Christianity for Life course on Wednesday evening, the Prayer and Praise celebration for young people on Friday and the Hot Potato discussion evening on Saturday.

A new start tomorrow when the foyer Coffee Shop opens its doors to the public.   This will be from 10 am to 2 pm every Monday run by David and Margaret Sutton.

If you’re in the vicinity then you’re welcome to come and see what’s going on.       For directions click on the maps below or contact us when we’ll be happy to help.

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