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CAMEO Anniversary

Five years have gone by since the formation of the CAMEO Club and leader Rita Broomfield loves a party. Twenty three members recently enjoyed a celebration lunch at the Gordon House Hotel.

Rita 001 (Small) (Medium) Rita

Here are some pictures:

P1010001 (Medium) P1010002 (Medium)

P1010003 (Medium) P1010004 (Medium)

P1010005 (Medium) P1010006 (Medium)

P1010007 (Medium) P1010008 (Medium)

2 responses to “CAMEO Anniversary”

  1. love you auntie rita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Peter and Cath Wood Avatar
    Peter and Cath Wood

    Well done Rita, Audrey & Team. A worthwhile, regular meeting that is enjoyed by all who attend. I always enjoy the enthusiasm of members when I come to show my videos from different parts of the world that I have visited.