"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Mission to Uganda

The guest speaker at Ladies Fellowship this month was Christine Hughes who, with her husband, Reg, has regularly visited Uganda under the auspices of the Baptist Church.

Bradbury 007 (Medium) Christine Hughes

They were inspired to do this as a response to God s calling following some teaching at a regional meeting. Despite having no knowledge as to what they were letting themselves in for, they both had teaching experience:   Christine as a maths teacher and Reg as an art teacher, they set off on this adventure.

They found themselves up into the hill country in small villages where they were to instruct the pastors in management and organisational techniques, how to lead a bible study, how to teach children – and many other things.      They have made this their commitment over the years and have come to love the people of that country.

Christine had many stories to tell of the living conditions there, the style of church buildings, the development of Christian communities led by the first person to become a Christian in a village who naturally took on the role of pastor; the corrugated iron roofs which held the heat and kept the rain off but made such a noise it was impossible to teach.

She showed us, and demonstrated, a stringed musical instrument made from wood and goat skin (see pictures below)   and told how adaptable the people were in creating such instruments and singing.

As a benediction Christine used Psalm 121 and related how it applies to each one of us.

At the next meeting on Monday 11 April people are asked to donate tools.   Trevor Cox, representing ‘Tools with a Mission‘ will be the speaker and ladies are invited to bring any old tools for donation to this charity, whatever their condition (even their husbands!). No, seriously, on this occasion the men are also invited as this topic may be of particular interest to them.

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