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More from Divisional Children’s Week

On Wednesday we published a report from Fiona on the week’s camp at Vinehall School. This time its Laura’s turn.


Laura writes:

HOLLYWOOD – April 2011

I was excited about going to camp for the first time.   When I got there I really wanted to find my room straight away.   I chose my bed and unpacked and said good bye to daddy.

There were 12 girls in my bedroom which was called Elephants- Rainbow girls .

Amy Nicola and Sarah were our leaders who looked after us, played with us and made it fun doing all the activities.   They were there to talk to if we needed to.

Every day we did lots of activities.   Some of the games involved getting wet and messy and were really fun, even some adults got wet.   During the day we did a workshop.   There was drama, sport, dance, band and sign language to choose from.   I did dance.   The theme of the camp was Hollywood so there was lots of singing and drama.   We had a baddie and hero day and a musical day.

Every day we went swimming and had an evening activity such as dressing up, designing a poster and skits.   We did a campfire one night where we sang songs and collected firewood for the fire.   We made dens in the woods without adults to help us. We had a biscuit and hot chocolate every night before bed.

We had worship every day and used our bibles and sang songs.   We learnt: The lord your god is with you, the mighty one will save you, he will rejoice over you, his love will calm your fears, he will sing and be joyful about you. (Zephaniah 3:17)

On the last day we did a big performance and showed our families and friends what we had learnt.   At the end we met in our small groups and prayed and then everyone got an Oscar for their performance and time at camp.

At first I was nervous not having my toys or mummy and daddy around, and having lots of people around I hadn t met before, but doing the activities made it fun and then I didn t mind as I made friends.

I made lots of new friends and had a really good time and would have liked to stay longer.   I didn t miss mum or dad and I really want to go again next year.

Laura Buchan Aged 8 ½