"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Let’s look back

Now that Christmas is over Sue Willard is reflecting on one of the main activities! Sue wrote this poem at the end of the carolling season of 2011.

In thy dark strets shineth………..


They stamp their feet to keep them warm,
The bandsmen in the busy High Street.
Scarves pulled up against the cold wind,
Breath coming in icy clouds.

Instruments are raised to their lips once more,
Familiar melodies float on the air.
Shoppers, caught up in the Christmas bustle,
Catch the tune and, smiling, hum along.

Christmas lights twinkle, the band plays on,
Painting images of stable, star and kings.
The collecting boxes grow heavy
With the generous flow of seasonal goodwill.

Then dusk falls and the bandsmen think of home.
Euphoniums and cornets are packed away.
Their task is done, the message spread,
Christmas has now begun!

 Susan Willard