"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Monday Spot (18 February 2013)

The weekend began with a concert at Sheerness given by the Band on which we shall report in detail during the coming week. Our worship yesterday was led by Commanding Officers Majors Alec and Andrea Still and included some very encouraging features.

Majors Andrea & Alec Still

A small group of Bandsmen were at Sheerness in the morning to lead the meeting there.

Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven‘ were the words with which we began the day and we were straight away given an update on the progress of the new building in Church Street which is still on schedule to complete in April. Adrian Horwood, who has been managing the project on behalf of the corps, showed photos taken this week some of which we show below. It is   now just nine weeks to our return to Church Street.

Song 1084 from Songs of Fellowship and prayer followed. The Singing Company brought ‘In God’s Word’ as its musical ministry which was followed by song 281 from the Salvation Army Song Book. Some members of the ‘Youff’ group present in the meeting gathered together to pray for Tom Still prior to his departure to Italy for a three month work camp.

David and Maria, from Armada Sparsy, the Czech church in Margate, gave inspiring testimonies about how God has led them during recent days. David told how he felt the grace of God in his life and has been in ministry for the past five years. His wife Maria confessed to finding the Christian path difficult at a time when she didn’t expext to. she rec eived the Holy Spirit and can now testify to God being in her life daily. David and Maria have been helping with the planting of a new Roma church here in Chatham in conjunction with The Salvation Army. The testimonies were both interesting and inspiring as we look forward to this new form of ministry in Medway.

David Maria

The morning’s scripture was found in Hebrews 4:12-13 and the Songsters contributed ‘Holy is the Lamb’.

The sermon, ‘Tne transforming power of God’ was brought by Major Alec who said:

When we read our bibles do we expect to be transformed? We have been looking at how we should interpret scripture and allow it to let us grow in God’s wisdom. Today we look at it’s transforming power which we need so that we can be more like Jesus.

God’s word is both living and active. It is relevant and urgent. We need to allow its working in our lives so that it can expose our inner selves. We must experience what it is saying fo ourselves before we can expound it to others. When we do this it will be seen in our lives.

Are there things you do in which God is not seen? Are there relationships with others that are tense? If the answer to these questions is yes are these things which are down to you? God knows and will help you overcome, leading you to a better place. His Holy Spirit will take over and change your life.

Songs 527 and 757, both from the Salvation Army Song Book, concluded the meeting. It was good to share fellowship with David and Maria over coffee before proceeding home.

In the afternoon we met for praise at the Emmaus Church Centre under the leadership of Major Andrea who took the theme of ‘How big is your God?’ beginning with 192 from Songs of Fellowship. ‘The Splendour of the King‘ followed together with prayers.

Musical contributions were made by the Songsters (From the first Hallelujah to the last Amen), Singing Company (Skateboards) and Band (Goldcrest) and a further song used was 39 (SA).

A ‘Worship Experience’ entitled ‘Bigger than we imagine’ included PowerPoint, scripture and songs 37 (SA – verse 1 and chorus only), The Splendour of ther King (again) and 265 (SA – verses 3, 5 and 6 only)

The meeting concluded with song 22 from the Salvation Army Song Book

Next weekend the ‘Youff’ are holding a weekend retreat. We wish them well and will remember them in prayer.