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Major Alec Still sends the following message to all our readers.

Major Alec Still

What a weekend! After a busy week, doing all the usual things, plus the additional things like snagging , cleaning and unpacking, we found ourselves in the Dockyard church for a two hour rehearsal, then a concert to an expectant congregation. Then Sunday held a morning meeting, more packing up, a St Georges Day parade and the excitement of so many coming to see and pray around the new hall. Would I change any of that? Not a chance!

What an absolute privilege, to share in all that God is doing in the life of Chatham Salvation Army. In this Chatham 140 year, it could be so tempting to sit back and look at our heritage and say that God has been good to us throughout the years. I am so glad to be surrounded by a people who, rightfully so, are proud of their history, but also focussed so clearly on all that God is planning for our future.

But we must be on our guard. When God is so active, and blessing His people so abundantly, the devil is bound to be near, prowling around, ready to spoil the party. He will be scared at the prospect of God s will being fulfilled, and looking for any opportunity to get in.

In Russia, during an attempted coup, Army tanks surrounded the buildings occupied by Boris Yeltsin and his supporters. Military leaders ordered the tank drivers to open fire and kill Yeltsin. But Yeltsin strode from the building, climbed up onto a tank and looked the driver in the eye. He thanked him for coming over onto the side of democracy. Later, that same driver confessed that he had no intention of changing his allegiance, but Yeltsin had appeared so confident and commanding, that he and all the other soldiers decided to join him.

We must approach the future with that same confidence. A confidence that is based on the sure and certain knowledge that God is in control of our corps, of our future, and   each of our individual lives. And if we have that confidence, it will not matter what the devil throws our way, because God will protect us.

Be strong in the name of Jesus


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  1. Gillian Fisher (Montreal Citadel) Avatar
    Gillian Fisher (Montreal Citadel)

    Thankyou for this.
    May God richly bless you as the Corps re-establishes itself in its rightful home.