"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Ladies Fellowship

It was a members evening at Ladies Fellowship this month when they met to share memories of holidays over the years.       It proved to be a very interesting evening when photos and experiences were shared.       Some of our usual members weren t able to come so there were just a few of us.

Doreen Scott had the responsibility of providing the epilogue which proved to be a lengthy presentation of several humorous cuttings from various magazines, ending with a serious discourse on the Lord s Prayer.     One of the items was so funny I have included it as follows:

An extract from the Civil Defence Fire Watching Act, 1942 – Equipment to be carried by firewatcher:

One respirator;
belt around waist with hooks to carry six filled sandbags and four buckets of water;
axe – stuck in belt;
stirrup pump to be carried over right shoulder;
extending ladder over left shoulder;
long-handled shovel, to be tucked under left arm;
two wet blankets to be slung round neck;
tin helmet with turned up brim (to carry spare water);
spare sand to be carried in all pockets;
ship s anchor to drop in case watcher can t stop galloping;
box of matches to light incendiary bombs failing to ignite;
toilet roll for personal emergencies.

There is no meeting in August but on 9 September Ruth Woodhouse will be coming to speak about the Special Care Baby Unit.     Plans are being made for the Christmas Dinner to be held once again at the Grangemoor Hotel, Maidstone on 9 December.

Here are some photos: