"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Monday Spot (12 August 2013)

With Majors Alec and Andrea Still continuing their holiday the meeting yesterday was led by Rosemary Steadman-Allen.


The meeting, on the theme of becoming more aware of God, began with Psalm 50 and continued with song 6 from the Salvation Army Song Book. Lt. Col. Ray Steadman-Allen led prayer time and the Songsters brought ‘God Loves You’ as their musical ministry. Other songs included were Songs of Fellowship 40 and songs 215 and 571 from the Salvation Army Song Book.

 Lt. Col. Ray Steadman-Allen

Jess Scott spoke of her gap year spent working in China. We hope some written comments during the coming week so return to read what will, no doubt, be very interesting.


In her sermon, based on Acts 17:24-30 (New Living Translation), Rosemary said:

Have you ever been interrupted by a phone call at a most inconvenient moment or had to talk with someone who insists on using their mobile phone at the same time? These things can be a real intrusion into your life. But, for some,technology can be a lifeline especially those living alone. However, it seems to me that although we can all easily keep in  touch with each other, society has lost touch with God.

But most of us here want a greater and deeper relationship with God. Jesus said he would be with all who gathered in his name. This all powerful creator, God, wants us to know more about him because in him we live and move. We can go to him with all the issues of life and God will use his power to help us through, if we go in faith. He knows our needs and will meet them. He is a powerful God as h creates and re-creates the world around us. He is constantly upholding us in his love and is not remote from us in any way.

This morning let us take the time to know God in all his fulness and be aware of his infinite love. Let us come with our worship as well as our problems and frailties. He is here to meet our need. Let God touch you today.

A recording of the song @In His Presence’ provided time for reflection.

As we progress through the main holiday period we are aware that in a few weeks time our major programmes will kick into action again. Before that, however, will be the Divisional Candidates Farewell which will be held at Maidstone (Union Street) at 6pm on Sunday 1 September. Our own Trish and Don Hall are among those being given a ‘send-off’ and our own Band will be in attendance. There will be no 6pm meeting at Chatham to enable corps folk to support our friends as they take the next step along the pathway of their calling.

Thank you for reading our website. If you do not already worship with us why not pop in one Sunday and join in  the worship (usually 10am and 6pm but check this website first). Here’s how to find us:


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