"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Heralds of Grace

The Divisional Farewell for the five new Cadets from the London South East Division took place at Maidstone on Sunday evening. Having already taken up residence at William Booth College the five returned for this very special event.

 William Booth College

Chatham Band (assisted by members of Maidstone Band), Penge Songsters and the Ashford Worship Group provided the musical assistance and ministry. The Band and Songsters also provided pre-meeting music and the Cadets entered to the march ‘Victors Acclaimed’.

Songs ‘Far and Near‘ and ‘To God be the Glory‘ immediately involved the congregation and preceded prayer by Captain Bronwa Rimmer. The first two of the five cadets to bring their personal testimonies were Emma Hawkins (Penge) and Carl Whitewood (Ashford).

 Emma    Carl

Tne Worship Group accompanied two more congregational songs, ‘Praise is rising‘ and ‘Send revival‘ and a Bible presentation around Ephesians 2:8 was brought by Hastings Temple Corps.

Penge Songsters brought ‘One Mission, One Message’ before two more testimoinies were received, from Trish Hall (Chatham) and Wendy Watkins (Hastings Temple).

 Trish    Wendy

‘Soli Deo Gloria’ was the music presented by Chatham Band and a final testimony was given by Ian Watkins (Hastings Temple)


Lt. Col. Sandra Moran presented ‘Silver Stars’ to two mothers who now have children who are Salvation Army officers (Major Gillian Johnson and Mrs C Durrant) and the congregation joined in the song ‘Here is Love‘ before Penge Songsters brought ‘Thou hast called me’.

A short address was given by Lt. Col. Sandra Moran based on 2 Kings 6:22-25 and 2 Kings 7:3-11. She said:

Lepers were the lowest class of society and were avoided at all cost. But when these were most desperate they decided to throw themselves on the mercy of the invading army. They were amazed to find safety, security and food because the army was not in its camp. Thus they were saved from a very difficult situation.

This is what we experience when we come to Christ, God’s riches become ours. In response we have to become ‘Heralds of Grace’ and extend God’s love to others, telling them of his goodness. I’m so gland our new Cadets have accepted this challenge.

A short service of Dedication and Sending Out followed and the subsequent prayer tiem found several kneeling at the Mercy Seat making new or greater commitments to God. The songs ‘The Spirit of the Lord’, ‘Lord if your presence‘ and ‘Only by Grace‘ were used to enhance the prayerful atmosphere.

The congregation joined lustily in ‘Who is on the Lord’s side?‘ to conclude this very special evening.

We join with many others in prayer for the new Cadets from our own Division. God bless you all.