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‘Youff’ visit Thorpe Park

Last Saturday members of the ‘Youff‘ group visited Thorpe Park, the adventure playground in West London.

Tom Still has written his account of the day out and he clearly enjoyed it. Tom writes:

The day was awesome, We enjoyed the white knuckle rides that Thorpe Park has to offer (Collosus, Stealth,The Swarm, just to name a few). Queues were everywhere, hours long at times, but the wait was well worth it. We started the day by splitting off into separate groups and heading to the first ride we could find. We also made sure to get on as many water rides as possible (the whole group re-joining to go on the Loggers Leap due to technical problems with the Rumba Rapids). Many screams filled the air during the ride and admittedly even I ended up with a sore throat at the end of the day. Many old friends were also spotted during the course of the day.

The after hours Alove event was really good too. Live music, dancing and even a game of ‘would you rather’ was all included. The room however was massively crowded and far too hot. Overall the day was awesome enjoyed by everyone and I recommend Thorpe Park as a must go attraction.

Here are a few more pictures: