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Changed Appearance

Yes, you are in the right place! After 8 years with no changes we have now updated the appearance of our website. We hope you like it and will continue to visit us regularly.

4 responses to “Changed Appearance”

  1. First reaction – what’s this, where’s the old site. Then as I used the new one found it to be easier to read, a cleaner look and information readily accessible . All in all a nice change. Keep up the good work.

  2. No offence taken Scott. Judging from the time of your comment I think you may have been on the site at a time when the SA ‘Blood and Fire’ header image was ‘broken’. I was responsible for breaking it and, unfortunately, it was missing for about 90 minutes during which time it was replaced by the WordPress default (i.e. 2 rows of trees!). We won’t be going back.

  3. Actually I like this – even though it was a shock in white at first! Cleaner, lots of white space, nice fonts, links all at the top of the page, but the same thorough coverage of corps activities and news – good work webmaster!

  4. RE: Change of style…

    But why to this?? The old style was really engaging. Please consider going back to it, or at least not continuing with this bland one. Please don’t take offence, but I thought the old style was much better.

    Thank you for the content and the resources you have, as I use it regularly to prepare for our meetings in Watford…