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Monday Spot (9 June 2014)

Yesterday was a day which featured our young people in different ways. The morning recognised ‘Junior Soldiers Day of Renewal’ and was led by JS Sergeant Kate Boughton and her assistant Sam Wood.

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Kate & Sam

Naturally the youngsters featured a lot and the opening announcements were given by Isaac followed by an introduction from Kate. Opening worship comprised two sings, ‘Lord I lift your name on high‘ and ‘Creator God‘.

A video entitled ‘Oh, the temptation’ helped Kate to introduce her theme (temptation) and showed how various children responded to being left alone with a marshmallow.  Sam questioned the children about what tempts them. Adult participation followed with Kate asking them the same question.

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Plates of sweets had been left on various seats around the hall prior to the meeting to test how many people yielded to the temptation of eating them (some did!!). Kate explained that it was necessary for us to make good decisions in our lives.

Erin introduced the Singing Company  who brought ‘Your grace  still amazes me’ and Major Alec presented Junior Soldier awards to  Isaac an Ethan (Bronze), Erin (Silver) and Simon (Gold).

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The Young People’s Band contributed ‘Righteousness, Peace and Joy’ and the offering prayer was offered by Fiona. Sam introduced a dance performed by the Junior Soldiers to the song ‘Pray’ recorded by Sanctus Real. Prayer was offered by Laura and Jasmine.

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The message was brought jointly by Kate and Sam  . It began with a tug of war. The white side were the followers of Jesus and the black side was that of evil. The battle was even with neither side winning.

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Kate produced a tool box containing items which would influence the contest. The first was a picture of Jesus who can help us be strong The second reprsented the Holy Spirit whom Jesus gave to us as a comforter, counsellor and helper. Thirdly a copy of the Lord’s Prayer was produced. prayer is always helpful in making for wisdom and finally the Bible which gives us guidance and is a powerful tool. Quotations were given from Hebrews 2:18 and 1 Corinthians 10:13. Each of these attributes was represented by children in different coloured tee shirts and they all went on the side of  Jesus resulting in a resounding victory in the tug of war.

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Sam said ‘Today we have explored for the children how temptation can be overcome. As the Junior Soldiers now renew their promises perhaps you would like to do the same’.  

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Prayer partners kneel with the Junior Soldiers as they renew their promises.

More adults accepted the responsibilities of being prayer partners with the children and the meeting concluded with the song ‘Shine‘.

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The Young People’s Band played out with ‘Didn’t my Lord deliver Daniel?’

So that there is not too much to digest in one go  we will report on the afternoon ‘Chatham’s Got Talent’ tomorrow. It will be well worth the wait!

We are sorry to bring the news of the Promotion to Glory from Medway Maritime Hospital of Albert Arnot  on Thursday. Albert  had been suffering from Meningitis and had appeared to be making some progress. We will bring news of the arrangements when we know them.

Next Sunday our Band will be leading worship at Woodfood Salvation Army Corps. Please pray for the ministry of the Band, especially next Sunday. Also everyone is welcome to the Celebrate Together concert to be held on Saturday evening starting at 6.30pm. See poster below.

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