"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Monday Spot (11 April 2016)

The  meetings yesterday were led yesterday by our four Cadets from William Booth College.

Amy-Jo Battersby (Medium)    Amy-Jo Battersby      David Jones (Medium)    David Jones    Lizzy Dean (Medium)    Lizzy Dean                                Pierre-Alain (Medium)    Pierre-Alain Cesar

Cadets  Amy-Jo  and David  were in charge in the morning and the meeting began with the song ‘Here I am to worship’ and a time of prayer. ‘I stand amazed in the presence’ was the song used to continue and scripture was read from 2 Timothy 4:1-5.

As in previous weeks a section of the ‘One Army’ DVD, focusing on truth, was played and the Singing Company contributed ‘He knows my name’ (soloist Erin) and Amy-Jo spoke to the children about ‘the truth’.

Songster Leader Adrian Horwood (R) was commissioned as the Corps Mission Secretary.

Mission Secretary 002 (Medium)

The Songsters contributed ‘His Kingdom’ and the congregation joined in worship with ‘Lord, I lift your name on high’ before Cadet David brought the message. In summary he said:

We are looking at being ‘One in Truth’.

Some of us are better when plans are in place and others prefer ‘winging it’. We live in a world of confusing messages. Science v. Faith. Paul gives advice to a young Timothy to be prepared for all teaching of good doctrine. Preaching is for all of us, not just officers. We do this through our actions and our lives become sermons.   Nobody’s ministry is worth more or less than anyone else’s. Patience and careful instruction is the key as is also encouragement.

We all will know someone who doesn’t know Jesus. We must be clear in our ministry to such people. Society teaches a mixed bag but we must be clear that God is our hope and always be prepared to say so. We can be their ‘Handbook of Doctrine’.   If we are not sure about something it is OK to say ‘I will find out’.

Paul exhorts us to live out our faith in several different ways and these encompass many aspects. Putting our faith into action is important and we must be prepared to endure hardship. I cannot tell you God’s plan for your life but beware those who continually praise you and tell you what you want to hear. We must reveal Jesus as he is and that may mean discomfort for us. We are God’s representatives and must be true in our presentation of him.

Response time was given using the song ‘All to Jesus I surrender’.

Cadets Lizzie and Pierre-Alain were responsible for the evening meeting which was on the theme of ‘One in Truth Symbols’ and began with the song ‘I believe in God the Father’. The Songsters contributed ‘A God raised and Spirit filled Army and a further DVD track was played before the Band brought ‘Jesus is all I need’

Scripture was from John 4:24 before Pierre-Alain gave a short talk and said:

Jesus meets the Samaritan woman. Please read the story. The Samaritans’ scripture was limited in content. For the Jews the Temple in Jerusalem was the place to worship, not so the Samaritans for they had a different place to worship.

Jesus said that neither place would be important. Authentic worship must be ‘in Spirit and in Truth’. We must not be distracted. As Salvationists we must be certain that our symbols don’t distract us. We must not give way to superstition.

Do our symbols hinder our practice? Christ is in us through the Holy Spirit. Let us reflect on the purpose of symbols in our lives.

The song ‘And can it be that I should gain’ was sung before the meeting then broke into discussion groups in which questions were asked about Salvation Army symbols and what they mean to us and to others.

Discussionj Groups 001 (Medium)  Group led by Cadet Pierre-Alain Cesar  

Yesterday we said goodbye to Amy Still who is returning to live in Scotland. We pray that God will bless Amy as she begins her new life there.

Amy Still (Medium)