"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Monday Spot 30th September 2019

This Sunday was our YP Annual , and both meetings were led by the YP sections.

The Morning meeting was led by Vanessa Cripps and was themed around dreams , and how they appear in the Bible ..apparently a third of the Bible is connected to dreams .

The Songsters message for the morning was the song ” Great Great Morning”

and following that our first congregational  song  was Song 884 ” Climbing up the Golden Stair”






and after  a Prayer from Tracy Wood we next had the first of the Dreams enacted .

Jacobs Dream






We then had the presentation of the Primary/Cradle Prizes  – Presented by Sharon Smith






The Singing Company sang for us next, the Song was  ” Jesus I Believe ”  and it Was introduced by Kami





Our BP ( Baden Powell) sections were then called up in their different Scouting Sections.

First were the Beaver Scouts – Prizes presented by Rebecca Abbott






We Next had the Cub Scouts – Prizes presented by Dean Bland






Beth Hatton  presented the Prizes to the Scouts






The Explorer Scouts were the final BP group & the prizes were presented by Lauren Officer











Following the announcements by  CSM Tim Scott it was the turn of the YP  Band  who presented two pieces , the first entitled  ” Hold on ”  which was followed by an arrangement called  “Spohr ”  ,  and this second tune ( to the words – my life must be Christ’s broken bread ) featured Isaac Woodman & Sam Boughton on Cornet .





It was time for more Prize given after the YP Band, this time is was for the Children in KAOS ( Kids Alive On Sunday)






We Had a musical interlude , with the congregations singing song 329- ” that’s the Spirit”

Following which we were presented the next of the Dream enactments –   Samuels Dream






Some of our Younger members were moving  on from the YP  sections today , up to the Youth Group , and the received their Final Prizes ( Good News Bibles )  from Tracy Wood






We Heard Testimony from Katelyn Smith , about her life so far in the Salvation Army , how she started in YP Sections  & following the Families move to the area she resumed playing in the Band and joined the Singing company and successfully moved up to Secondary School.






The next part of the mornings meeting was Josephs dream , read to us by Fiona Burdett






Vanessa gave us the Thought for the morningreflecting on the theme of dreams ( that’s why you are seeing people in Pyjamas !) Vanessa said that if God gives you a dream, it will probably be bigger than you think you can manage, and when we get a dream some people are not going to like it . However, we must remember Gods plan for us never fails . If God speaks to us in a dream , don’t give up …

We closed the meeting with the Singing of  ” Any Dream Will Do” ( Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)  with lovely harmonies from the Band




Our Afternoon meeting was a Cake & Cabaret  event led by the YP  sections .

The Singing Company under the leadership of Kate Boughton and the YP band under the leadership of Charlie Gouyet

This was a very well attended event and hopefully lots of money was raised . the Money is going to help fund Children at Summer School .

Our first song  of the Afternoon was ” Come on and celebrate ” , supported by the YP Band , and following a Prayer from Sharon Smith we heard the first song from the Singing company  ” Building Up ”  Chantelle & Darcy   ”  A couple of Jokers ” provided us with a string of Jokes





sorry that I wasn’t able to write any down for you , but they were very good .

The YP Band played “Wonderful Lord” for us and following on from that we had a New vocal Quartet of Erin,  Katelyn, Sandra & Beckie  I believe this was the first time they had sung out together , the song was called         ” Lord , I Pray “, and they Sang beautifully






The Singing Company brought us two songs





We then had a piano solo from Sam Boughton ” Lesson in C ”





Sam then returned to the YP Band seat as the Band played ” My Jesus My saviour ” which was excellent, and had everyone’s attention  ( So much so , I almost forgot to change the Power Point slide ) .

Katelyn was next with a Horn Solo  ” Tennessee Rag ”  accompanied by Kate on the Piano






The Band played   ”  I will Enter his Gates ”  during the Offering ,  following which Major Ian gave us a brief Thought based on Psalm 34 verse 8    Taste and see that the Lord is good;    blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. .

Major Ian explained that he had a book at home that he used when he was learning to be a Chef, the book gave you all the directions on how to prepare food in a  variety of way’s . However you need to know the techniques , and you needed to taste and be able to identify cooking methods used ,  ingredients included in the food etc . as it say’s in the Psalm WE need to taste & see that the Lord is good .  Our Young people are tasting what God can do and we are Witnessing  it .

Thank you to all those that took part in Worship today , especially those who support our YP sections