"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Monday Spot – 21st November 2021

This week the meeting was led by Major Ian F Payne. Here are his thoughts from this weeks Chatham Chatter.

Chatham Chatter Link: 21st Nov 21 IFP

This Sunday I have had a thought running through my head for weeks – ‘Turn and Face Christmas’ I want us, as we come to Advent to deliberately ‘TURN’ to face Christmas, the story, the truth, the reality, and in doing so we are preparing our- selves to share the ‘Light and Life’ of Jesus – We can only share the truth of what we know ourselves.

‘Only as I truly know Thee,

Can I make Thee known,

Only show the power to others,

Which in my life is known’

Let us focus all our energy on enjoying and sharing the reality of Christmas this year, if only to one person, can you imagine the difference that will make to that one person and to your life.

The meeting can be followed via the link below: