"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

  • Monday Spot 23 March 2020

    A short Monday spot today as you can watch everything right here. If you haven’t already done so, please provide your In Touch information so we can keep in contact with you.

  • Time for a change

    All sorts of circumstances can bring about change in our lives. Today we have to announce changes in the management of this website. Murray Smith has been our webmaster for the past twelve years since the website’s inception.  Throughout this time a rhythm of reporting has developed which has encouraged people to keep watching and reading.…

  • Monday Spot (2 April 2018)

    Easter weekend began with our Good Friday worship which was led by Major Karen Smith  Major Karen Smith

  • Sunday meeting

    The Ministry Team will be leading as follows on Sunday 1 April, Easter Sunday

  • Easter Meditation

  • Words of Life

    The May to August 2018 edition of Words of Life is now available  at £5.00 per copy.  Click here  to order on line or  contact us.

  • Holy Week

    Please note that, unfortunately, the Wednesday Bible Study has had to be cancelled.

  • Monday Spot (26 March 2018)

    The Palm Sunday morning meeting at Chatham was led by Major Karen Smith who began the worship with the song ‘Hosanna, Hosanna’ and followed that with a song inviting us to ‘Come into his presence’.  Major Karen Smith

  • British Summer Time Begins

    Don’t forget to put your clocks forward one hour tonight. You don’t want to be late for the meeting, do you?

  • Sunday meetings

    The Ministry Team will be leading as follows on Sunday 25 March Palm Sunday

  • Holy week meetings

  • Suffering church

    With permission we again bring extracts from Spiral Magazine (February 2018 issue) published by the Parish of South Gillingham.

  • A wonderful evening despite the weather

    The long anticipated concert to be given by the International Staff Songsters looked as though it might be seriously affected by the weather when we woke on Saturday morning. But God is good and the worst of the snow held off and the audience was almost as good as expected.

  • Monday Spot (19 March 2018)

    How can one describe a weekend like the one we have just experienced. Most of it was superb, the only thing putting a damper on things was the weather. Snow on both Saturday and Sunday was, at best, a nuisance keeping some people at home when they would have loved to be at the meetings.…

  • Sunday meetings

    The Ministry Team will be leading as follows on Sunday 18 March