"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Singing Company

The children s choir (Singing Company) at Chatham Citadel is a popular pastime for youngsters aged between 7 and 21, rehearsing every Thursday and singing as part of our Sunday morning service (meeting) each week.

SingingCompanies 001 (Medium)

The young people enjoy learning and performing a variety of Christian songs, which not only develops their musicianship but deepens their understanding of their faith and beliefs as they explore the song lyrics too.

The purpose of the children s choir is to add to Sunday worship by their singing and also to provide a secure, Christian environment in which the children can learn about the importance of sharing the gospel message through song.

The group is led by Kate Boughton

Kate Boughton  Kate

In addition the group has two other loyal and committed church members who make up the management team :-

Irene Maycock is the sergeant who oversees the pastoral care of the youngsters within the group (as well as providing support in the Alto section too!). She is known fondly as Auntie Irene and has undertaken this role since 1981.

Irene 02 (Medium) Irene

Carole Horwood is the Pianist who provides accompaniments of a high standard and occasionally enjoys a sing too. She also has been a reliable and long term member of the team since 1984.

Carole (Small) (Medium)  Carole

The Singing Company is open to children aged seven and above. Although there is no formal procedure for joining the choir, membership of this group very often follows from a child’s attendance at Kaos (the Sunday School) or sometimes current Singing Company members bring friends along to rehearsals. The main requirement for membership is commitment (from both the child and his/her parents) and enthusiasm!

New faces are always made to feel welcome.

If you would like to know more about the Singing Company or our other activities for children please contact us.