"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Cradle Roll

Cradle Roll children play a major role in life of Chatham Corps. Children from newborn to 5 years of age are invited to be a part of the Cradle Roll. As a child is born the Cradle Roll Sergeant approaches the parents with an invitation to be on the cradle roll. Each child then receives a certificate and contact is kept with the child, and family, through special events, for example, birthday, Christmas and Easter.

The Cradle Roll is an initial part of The Salvation Army s programme with the hope that the child will progress to Primary and Sunday School (KAOS). The Cradle Roll Sergeant has the ideal opportunity to touch the lives of young children and their parents in not just Salvationist families, but also in the wider community, keeping contact with them and inviting them to all the corps activities with a hope that the child, and indeed the family as a whole, can come to have a personal faith in God.

There is also the opportunity for the parents to have their child dedicated in The Salvation Army, similar to a Christening ceremony. The Dedication ceremony is a beautiful, family occasion where we thank God for the miracle of a baby and the parents make promises to God to help them in the way they bring up their child.

The Cradle Roll Sergeant at Chatham Citadel is Julie Lenton, married to Steve with two children. Julie works as a practice nurse in the local area and thoroughly enjoys the role of Cradle Roll Sergeant.

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Julie Lenton

If you would like to know more about The Salvation Army s work with children, in particular during their very early years please CONTACT US . You will also find more information on the PARENT & TODDLER page of ADULT & FAMILY and throughout this website.