"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"


The Primary is led by Sharon Smith , along with a team of assistants . They each contribute to the group enthusiastically using the different qualities which make them valuable members of the team.



Sharon Smith

Over the past few years the Primary has grown to an astounding 13 children although during this past year a number of the youngsters have moved up to the next class and e have a smaller group of 8 children. The group caters for an age range from 2 years to 7 years. The children interact and learn with enthusiasm and determination, an are always eager to take part and contribute to the activities

The Primary meets on Sunday mornings between 11.00am and 12.00 noon, having spent the time from 10.30 with the main KAOS group. We start each week with a time of sharing when the children have an opportunity to tell us what they have achieved during the week. Then the sound of raucous singing begins, when the children sing God s praises at the top of their voices. They ve been heard from many remote corners of our building or seen to boogie to the beat with air guitars and drums. There s never a dull moment in Primary!

Each session is tailored to cater for the individual child, with the use of visual aids or games to portray the Bible teaching. Activities such as clay modelling, cookery, planting, mosaic or simple colouring are used to ensure that the youngsters understand the message and are able to tell their parents what they have learnt.

At the end of each session, many of the children offer to close in prayer and, without prompting, give prayers of thanks, well wishing and praise to God. This often leaves the leaders overwhelmed and amazed by their contribution.

As well as the taking part in KAOS (Kids Alive On Sunday) the Primary children often participate in the Sunday service, children s meetings and Christmas Carol concerts. They love an audience and entertain in costume and song, stealing a few moments of the limelight and bringing laughter (or a tear) to many.

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