"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

A testimony from the High Street

Sue Willard writes:

God surprised me again on Saturday! Standing in Chatham High Street on a Saturday morning can be tiring and tough, but we are so often blessed by someone s testimony.

A woman came along towards the end of our time, wanting to put money into my collecting pot and digging deep into her pockets for change. She told me she had to give because we (the Salvation Army) had supported her many times. I invited her to tell me more and she confided that in cities around the country she had always been able to find the Salvation Army, and they had rescued her several times from difficult situations. She had been involved, it seemed, in drugs and prostitution from an early age – and wasn t free of it yet, although she is now the proud owner of a flat and trying to break the cycle of addiction.

I thanked her for her gift, that we appreciated her “giving something back”, and confessed that I had been wondering why I was still standing there, as no-one had spoken to me for some time and I was feeling somewhat invisible. She told me that I should never feel that way; that she, and others in her situation, needed us to be there for them and are grateful for the support we give.

I felt humbled at this woman s affirmation of my calling, and overwhelmed by her utter honesty in sharing her testimony. Thankyou, God!

Sue Willard (Medium)  Sue