"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

At the foot of the Cross (children’s poems)

My mournful mind is blank.
Is what I see real?
I am standing as still as a statue,
Staring at the vast cross,
The cross that holds my beloved Jesus.
I am a grey cloud that will never have a silver lining again.

Shivers are crawling up my spine.
Distraught, lonely, anxious.
My tears are forever flowing like a mountain stream,
I am filled with negativity.
Will I be able to force a smile again?
I wonder if there’s any good in the world anymore?
Those abominable men.

I am sickened at the sight,
Innocent blood trickling down the face of my son.
He’s a diamond amongst all the rocks,
I am a tear amongst all of the smiles.
Will sunlight break through the darkness?
He still lives in my heart,
He always will.


As I stand at the bottom of the cross I feel destroyed!
Like a heart without blood

There is nothing to live for any longer
Never to see my beloved again!
Gone forever.

As lonely as an empty shell
All by myself
All the joy and happiness died the day he died!
Forever alone.

But I hope you are forever fulfilled with your Father


As I stand at the foot of the cross I feel devastated!
My mind is as dizzy as the fastest roundabout
Why did he have to die?
My beloved son dead.

My dead son Jesus,
At the foot of the cross
The sky as black as the blackest black
I am an empty soul waiting to be filled