"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"


The path into eternity
Perplexing though it be
is covered by God’s mercy
Despite its mystery.

God’s angels now surround us,
A soldier saint to bear
From earth to highest heaven
A home beyond compare.

The gates of heaven have opened,
The angels there attend
And Jesus stands in welcome
In love his arms extend.

The Book of Life is carried
That all may see the name
Of him who knows redemption,
The Christian’s holy aim.

The laurel wreaths adorn it
Inscribed by God’s own hand
And written ‘neath the entry-
‘By grace this day I planned!’

For us, a celebration,
The judgement now is past,
And hallelujahs echo
And will forever last.

To God be praise and glory
For those he came to save,
A life he gave has triumphed
And lives beyond the grave!

Malcolm Westwood