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Lesley Bell’s Testimony

Testimony of Lesley Bell on becoming an Adherent Member: Sunday, 12th June 2016

Lesley Bell 004 (Medium)  Lesley

This is a really special day for me, becoming an Adherent Member here at Chatham Corps. It s almost a year since I first started attending. That Sunday happened to be Major Karen s first time here as well and something in the way she delivered God s message that morning really spoke to me — it was as if she were talking just to me, as if she understood my situation and how I felt. It was wonderfully uplifting for me; it made me feel valued just as I was, with no questions asked, and it gave me new hope. No wonder I wanted to keep coming!

Although I have always had a faith, it was in the background of my life — that first Sunday marked the beginning of my real faith journey —— a relatively short journey so far, but it has been enhanced along the way by some truly inspirational sermons given by Majors Andrea, Alec and Karen, by the nurturing encouragement, support and teaching given to me on the discipleship course and by the fellowship and support of the Bible Study Group and of the corps members and friends here as a whole.

I don t know where my faith journey will lead me, but I m looking forward to it; I m full of hope and have a restored sense of direction and purpose in my life. What I do know is that I m blessed to be on that journey in the loving, gracious and safe hands of God, who will always be there for me and also in the fellowship of Chatham corps.

Lastly, I must thank Greg, although he s at Tunbridge Wells this morning; he first sowed the seed when I felt so empty and vulnerable, by firstly announcing that he thought he was wearing the wrong suit (he was wearing a really smart business suit at the time), which totally threw me, and then by going on to ask me, quite simply, “Have you thought about faith?” Well, I feel so blessed that I did — and Greg was right — he was wearing the wrong suit, but whereas he obviously thought he should have been wearing his Salvation Army uniform, I think he should have been dressed as Superman, because that day he truly saved me!

Thank you.

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Majors Andrea & Alec Still and Major Karen Ramsay

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