"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Steve Phillips testimony

Steve was enrolled as a Soldier on 4 October 2015. Here is his testimony.

Having heard “that calling” whilst at my previous church, the calling that only the Holy Spirit can utter, I felt sure that it was a calling to do something specific and was eventually accepted to start the relevant training in pursuit of the task. My elation was soon turned to frustration when I felt that God was saying “Not here”! Disappointedly, I declined the course and waited on Him – something that I am not that good at!

During this period, my Mum had mentioned that my Nan and Uncle (both now having returned to Glory) were in The Salvation Army….The penny dropped! The rest is history!

The Christian walk is a journey. We are each faced with many different paths to choose from but thank God that He shows us the right path to take and  will never lead where He has not chosen to walk on ahead of us (Duet 31:8).  So! My journey continues …As for “that calling”, it remains un-changed, and I remain sure that with the guidance and support of our Officers and my fellow Soldiers, God s will shall be done!

Steve Phillips 003 (Medium)