"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Resources for Children’s Workers

Here is a collection of resources we have used in our children’s church. We hope they are useful to other children’s workers.

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We’re using the excellent material created by the Youth and Children’s Ministries Unit. You can see all of their material in their DropBox. Resources include 50 ideas for games to play over video calls, the upcoming topics for the childrens teaching sessions and guidelines for using zoom.

2021 Sessions

January 2021 Session 1

January 2021 Session 2

2020 Sessions

Session One – Hope In Jesus Gives Me Strength

Session Two – Hope In Jesus Teaches Me Patience

Session Three – Hope In Jesus Brings Me Encouragement

Session Four – Hope In Jesus Brings Me Joy

Session Five – Pentecost

Session Six – A Living Faith

Session Seven – A Courageous Faith

Session Eight – A Mighty Faith

Session Nine – An Active Faith

Session Ten- A Love For Me

Session Eleven – A Love For You

Session Twelve – A Love For All

Session Thirteen – A Love For Us

Previous Sessions

To Bee Like Jesus

Find out what Jesus wants us to be like in this week’s activity sheet.

Love Your Neighbour

Find out about the Good Samaritan in this week’s activity sheet.

Easter Sunday

Learn about what happened on the first Easter Sunday.

Good Friday

Learn about what happened on Good Friday and why we have Hot Cross Buns.

Here comes the king

Palm Sunday – find out about Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.

Together We Are Strong

Sunday 29th March: Take a look at Romans 8: 31-39 and find out how together we are strong.