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Chairman’s report of key issues discussed at Mission Forum meeting 22 January 2017

Chairman’s report – Key issues discussed at 22 January 2017 meeting

Reports were received from all members and a devotional period was led by Major Nigel Schultz.

Main items discussed:

Rather than follow up last year’s Give2grow programme, a Natural Church Development survey would be undertaken and the principles of G2g be incorporated with any actions followed through.

  • Once the NCD has been completed, a new Mission Development Plan for the Corps will be created.
  • There are a number of maintenance jobs required in our halls and Ken Lloyd has agreed to liaise with the appropriate contractors to get this work done.

A few key points from reports from Mission Forum members are as follows:

  • A review of Christmas activities revealed that all were considered worthwhile and funds raised were slightly up on the previous year – thanks are expressed to all involved.
  • Items being left out such as a clothing rail were causing obstruction and these need to be stored away. The back room is becoming a dumping ground and needs to be kept tidy.
  • Concern was expressed that young people from the Roma congregation are not now able to participate in YP & Youth activities.
  • The PALS project has stalled and the need for this is clear so it is hoped this will make progress soon – anyone interested in getting involved with this, please speak to major Nigel.
  • There have been problems with the water boilers and these have now been repaired. Fresh drinking water is to be made available.
  • High Street evangelism remains a strength in both raising the profile of the SA in Chatham but also in attracting financial donations – thank you to all who support this.
  • Financial information for the first 6 months of his financial year were presented – please see separate document containing Income & Expenditure details.
  • There have been discrepancies between the diary held by the Corps Secretary and that on the website. An improved process is being put in place.
  • There is a health & safety need for access to the kitchen to be more tightly controlled – the only key will be kept in the office and only made available for agreed activities.
  • It was suggested there needs to be an sound alert on the main door to monitor access – all note this is available by pressing the key marked ‘c’ (for chime)on the alarm panel.