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Chairman’s report of key issues discussed at Mission Forum meeting 9 April 2017

Chairman’s report – Key issues discussed at 9 April 2017 meeting

Reports were not required on this occasion as the main item was to discuss the results of the Natural Church Development survey. There was no representation at the meeting from the Roma group.     A devotional period was led by Major Nigel Schultz.

Main items discussed:

  • NCD results were extremely encouraging. A good number of surveys were completed and overall results were positive.
  • Inevitably there is an area that comes out with the lowest score but this score, for passionate spirituality, was still seen to be high. Many of the questions from which this result is derived, are about people’s views of their own personal spirituality and it is a positive thing that this has been identified as an area they wish to improve, with the support of the corporate Corps.
  • Some time was spent considering how best to address these outcomes, particularly in respect of corporate worship and our COs will look to incorporate appropriate ideas in the future programme. This may include a Corps ‘away day’ which will also address another of the ‘lower’ scoring areas of ‘loving relationships’.
  • Other thoughts centred around providing a variety of worship options, particularly for the second meeting on Sundays, to meet a wide perspective of preferences, which would also support the area of ‘inspiring worship services’.
  • Another area for review was ‘effective structures’ and the existing ‘purpose group’ structure will be looked at by the forum at it’s next meeting.

A few outstanding matters were discussed as follows:

  • There was concern that some of the property issues have not been progressed and these need to be chased and brought to fruition.
  • Safeguarding for children is now in place and people have been trained but there is a need to ensure this is also covered for vulnerable adults.
  • There have been concerns raised over the use of social media by some of the people associated with the Corps and MF members discussed how the Corps should respond to this. It was agreed that it cannot be ignored and that our COs need to speak to those making inappropriate posts.