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Chairman’s report of Key Issues discussed at the Mission Forum on 19 June 2016

Chairmans report – Key issues discussed at 19 June 2016 meeting

Reports were received from all members apart from Armada Spasy, from which there was also no representative in attendance.

Main items discussed:

Majors Still were thanked for their work with the Corps during their appointment and wished well for their new role. Major Ramsay was thanked for all she has and will continue to do during and after the CO changeover. Plans are in place for meeting leadership at both Chatham & Strood.

Security is becoming an issue – members were asked to remind everyone that the SA hall is a public building and with many people coming and going, care should be taken with personal valuables.

There is also an issue with storage with items being tampered with and rubbish ‘dumped’ in cupboards – Rod is looking at best way to alleviate.

2015/16 finance figures were presented showing an outturn of a marginal surplus.

Attendance records were presented showing morning meeting attendance maintained or increased while evening has a consistent downward trend.

A few key points from reports from Mission Forum members are as follows:

Service & Ministry –the night shelter continues to identify and support those in need. Parent & Toddler, One2one, Foodbank and Hub cafe activities continue to work well and PALS groundwork complete. Consideration given to producing a ‘broadsheet’ for those unable to attend while still pursuing options for recording meetings.

Discipleship – potential recruits to attend classes and a Saturday prayer breakfast being considered. Hot potato evenings continue and one army material being used.

Evangelism –Paul & Wendy Scoulding are resuming leadership of this group which is great news. Impact of Paul O’Grady show evident from High Street contacts. Periodicals given out and income received continues at a high level.

Corps Finance & Administration – Year-end figures presented and to be published within the Corps. A review of Give 2 Grow will take place annually in future. 2 significant donations received. One specified for spending on Corps property- so used to reduce mortgage. Proposals for other funds to be brought forward. 2017 calendar to be populated over the summer.

CO – plans for the changeover discussed. Request to host the ISS in November 2017 declined with suggestion to invite them in 2018 at a date convenient to the Corps.

Worship – future dates and activities discussed and support agreed. Agreed to purchase new Song books (limited number) as well as tune books and IT package to commence use in April 2017. Recent use of cameras to support meetings has been helpful and it was felt this could, used sensitively, enhance worship. The recent band High street concert was considered a success and worth repeating in some format.

Child & Youth – plans for remainder of the year presented including over the Christmas period and fundraising proposed by ‘tweenagers’ for Matumaini project.