"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Chairman’s report of Key issues discussed at the Mission Forum on 17 January 2016

Reports were received from all members. The Discipleship & Worship leaders sent their apologies as they were unable to attend.

Main items discussed:

Names of the new COs were not known at the time of the meeting it was confirmed their appointment will be to Chatham with Strood with Major Karen Ramsay as Associate Officer.

A Territorial Steering Group has been formed with a remit to develop a strategy for Armada Spasy in the UK. We will be advised of impact on Chatham in due course.

Financial details were shared with the group. Current year outcome is expected to be a surplus, but concerns for 2016/17 were raised, due to the full year impact ( £11k) of the mortgage. Surpluses forecast prior to the building improvements has been affected by a drop in cartridge income, expected income from solar panels not being received due to an oversight by the project team and higher heating costs than envisioned, which is now being improved by greater control of the system.

Some concerns were expressed regarding vacant roles and as well as encouraging a review of financial giving the G2g programme will encourage increased volunteering.

A few key points from reports from Mission Forum members are as follows:

Amada Sparsy  congregation of up to 130 (includes 40 under 12s, 6 soldiers, 59 adherents & 8 recruits) meet each week in Chatham and the worship group supports at Gravesend. 70 people are studying a SA doctrine course.

Majors Andrea & Karen have restructured their workload with Major Alec now at DHQ. Our 2 employees are undertaking additional hours to support and any volunteers able to offer some time are asked to speak to our COs.

The Mission Development Plan is to be presented at DHQ on 1st March. Ongoing updates will be needed to keep this relevant and helpful to our new COs.

The substantial YP & Youff activities were outlined and continue to thrive.

PALs is now in place and Major Karen is undertaking training for those who can support.

Discipleship training will be through One Army teaching & G2g. Recruits classes are also to commence.

Introducing the new song book/tune book will be kept under review – the word pro package is not yet available so we will wait for this before making a change.

Some excellent results from the High Street outreach were shared – a large number of people are being contacted and financial donations by the public are substantial.