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Chairman’s report of the key issues discussed at the Mission Forum on 19 July 2015

Chairman’s report of the key issues discussed at the Mission Forum on 19 July 2015

As there had only been a short time since the previous meeting the Evangelism report was unchanged and a number of outstanding items from previous meetings were followed through, although some items were carried forward to October.

There was no representation at the meeting from YP & Youff or Armada Spasy.

Main items of discussion

We were pleased to welcome Major Karen Ramsay and start to understand the Associate Officer role she will fulfil. Initially Karen will provide programme support on Mondays and Fridays, leading Wednesday activities and share Sunday worship, with a key role in pastoral visits and befriending.

Members discussed the current structure of the Forum and suggested ways this could be changed to improve communication within the Corps.

There are some key leadership and support positions within the Corps which are vacant and therefore concerns exist that all needs are not being fulfilled. These positions, will be discussed by the PCC to try to resolve this.

A few key points from reports from Mission Forum members are as follows:

It was pleasing to hear from the Discipleship group that recruits classes have been completed and 2 people wish to become soldiers. Plans were outlined for a series of sessions on spiritual gifts in September culminating in a 3 day prayer event at the beginning of October.

The Resources leader reported the appointment of a Corps  facilities support co-ordinator  and agreement of essential repairs to the ‘old building’ which will be scheduled soon. Cost of power is high and the facilities manager will be asked to take greater control of the system. 2014/15 Financial figures and 2015/16 budget were discussed with concerns of a potential shortfall, mainly due to the issue of power usage referred to above.

Armada Spasy leaders report showed good progress, increasing membership and proposals to expand the ministry in Gravesend. The financial arrangements whereby AS cover the costs of using the building were also outlined.

YP & Youff activities continue to thrive and a list of activities was provided. A need for support to the YP band was highlighted as was a need for transport for 3 children to the Kidz Club.

Service activities continue to work well. The latest, One2One Employment Plus has taken off. 50+ programme is up and running with a computer course and craft course well attended.

If you would like to learn any more about any of the above, please speak to a member of the Mission Forum.