"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Chairman’s report of the key issues discussed at the Mission Forum on 19 May 2015

Reports were submitted by all groups, with the exception of the Fellowship Group, which currently has no leadership in place. This is a strong area within the Corps but concern was expressed that without leadership activities which ensure all people feel part of the Corps may be missed.

There was no representation at the meeting from Armada Spasy.

Main items of discussion

–         The impact of the new dual appointment of our COs was discussed. Full details are not yet available, but there are plans being made to provide support to ensure adequate time for both roles. It is now critical that the previously agreed role for managing the Corps buildings is recruited to as soon as possible.

–         It was agreed a Mission Development Plan should be in place with a clarity that can be understood by all and shared with all members of the Corps. Our CSM who will put the document together in a format to be produced by the COs.

–         The existing Give2grow programme is overdue for review and consultant was present to outline option. The COs will liaise to arrange for this to take place in conjunction with Commitment Sunday in early 2016.

–         The Sunday programme was discussed and it was agreed to continue with existing timings and continue to develop variety in the 2nd  meeting of the day.

A few key points from reports from Mission Forum members are as follows:

–         A good High Street profile is being maintained through band and war cry outreach.

–         There are some unfilled leadership roles resulting in areas not being covered and pressure on leaders trying to cover more than their role. Options for filling these are to be taken to the PCC

–         Maintenance work on the old part of our building is approved and soon to be commenced.

–         Roman Godla has been appointed to work with Roma population of Chatham and will soon be moving house to be ‘on patch’. Armada Spasy reports having 36 adherents and 19 recruits.

–         Employment Plus One2One is now operating, providing support for people seeking work.

–         The Corps has been awarded funds to provide activities for the over 50 age group.

–         Plans are in hand, if the technical difficulties can be overcome, to digitally record Sunday meetings and provide copies to those unable to attend.    

–         A long list of planned YP & Youff activities was presented. A number of positions need to be filled to support the leadership team.

–         A befriending service is being planned, initially to encompass our existing SA community, but with potential to expand to the wider Medway community if volunteers and resources can be found. Eventually this could lead to the need for a full time Community Services Coordinator if the scheme takes off.

–         The discipleship group have plans in place for further Hot Potato events, discussions & bible studies and a new session of recruits classes are being arranged for 2 people looking into soldiership.

If you would like to learn any more about any of the above, please speak to a member of the Mission Forum.