"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Chairman’s summary notes from meeting held on 13 July 2014

Written reports were submitted by the leaders of the various groups, with discussion ensuing around many issues, principally as follows:

  • Many agreed ACTIONS had been completed over the 3 months since the last meeting. The few remaining were discussed.
  • Over a number of years, attempts have been made to reach out into the SHIPWRIGHTS area of Chatham, but contact with other agencies working in that area have meant we have taken the decision not to pursue this.
  • The idea of increasing corporate PRAYER   within the Corps is to be taken forward and plans will be developed for later in 2014. This will considered along with the need to find time and physical space for this to take place and ways of incorporating within, or adjusting, current programme.
  • Plans for activities over the CHRISTMAS period are now well advanced and CSM will ensure this is effectively communicated.
  • The highly effective GIVE 2 GROW programme has expired and it is thought to be preferable for the Corps to develop it s own follow-up later this year.
  • The BUILDING PROJECT, with snagging and a substantial amount of essential additional work has now come to an end and there will be a need for ongoing planned maintenance. A plan will therefore be developed with the financial impact requiring careful consideration alongside any agreed giving programme.

The final figures for the building scheme are still awaited from THQ although we have a very good idea of the outcome. Subject to confirmation, the scheme was completed £16,000 under budget, but included the refurbishment, redecoration and lighting in the worship hall and various other items which were not originally part of the scheme.
The Financial Year End Summary (as at 31 March 2014) has been posted on the notice board, showing a net deficit of £702.30. This is an exceptional result, as included within the expenditure are substantial, one-off amounts which relate to the building project, but excluded are donations made to the building scheme. Thanks go to all who gift-aid their giving as this result was only possible because of the tax refund received, which on this occasion covered a 2-year period.
The Corps will soon be required to take on a mortgage, as planned, to cover the cost of the building work. When we have the final figures we will be able to calculate the amount of mortgage required and consequent repayments.

Best guess, at this stage, regarding finances for a normal year with the mortgage in place is a small surplus, so careful control of expenditure will be needed.

  • There are currently STORAGE issues, with stuff being dumped in parts of the hall. A review with group leaders needing storage space will take place and control of stuff being left will be needed.
  • A need has been identified to coordinate MINISTRY TO OLDER PEOPLE, shut-ins etc and this will be looked at in due course.
  • A new MISSION DEVELOPMENT PLAN needs to be developed and brought to the Mission Forum for adoption by the Corps.
  • There are some leadership vacancies at present and some other known changes coming up. Proposals will be referred to the PCC .
  • CLEANLINESS of the building has been a concern. Additional cleaning has been contracted but it is essential that all people using the building understand the need to clear up after themselves and leave everywhere tidy.

 A report was received from the congregation operating in Chatham and using our building. This is making new converts and good progress towards discipleship with around 60 regular attenders from the Chatham area. Concerns around this usage are understood, and a steering group is in place to iron out issues with this substantial additional use of the building and the need for understanding from all users is stressed.

A business plan has been agreed by THQ which brings with it some funding. This will allow a weekly rental payment of £100 to be made to cover costs of using our buildings in Chatham. This will be backdated to April 2014.

Short term plans include employment of a Community Development Worker to work within the Roma community in the Chatham area.